Wasserman Schultz, Waltz Reintroduce Anti-Maduro Regime BOLIVAR Act

Wasserman Schultz, Waltz Reintroduce Anti-Maduro Regime BOLIVAR Act

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
February 3, 2023

Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) has joined forces with fellow Floridian,  Rep. Mike Waltz (R), to reintroduce the BOLIVAR Bill. The bipartisan bill would ban the U.S. government from contracting with people that have business operations with the Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela.

In the Senate, Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) and Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen (D) have introduced companion legislation to the BOLIVAR Act.

The measure called the Banning Operations and Leases with Illegitimate Venezuelan Authoritarian Regime Act comes at a time when the House of Representatives voted in favor of a resolution that would denounce socialism.

In a statement, Rep. Wasserman Schultz, who is also the co-chair of the Congressional Venezuela Democracy Caucus, stated, "to achieve our goal of restoring democracy and human rights in Venezuela, we must identify and cut off all potential sources of funding to the brutal Maduro regime."

Wasserman Schultz went on to call the legislation part of an "effort to preserve independent humanitarian assistance to the Venezuelan people while blocking any future U.S. transactions with entities who pro up this oppressive government and undermine the impact of our sanctions."

 Rep. Waltz echoed her remarks, saying that "aside from his dictatorial suppression of democratic principles and human rights in Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro is a wanted narco-terrorist by the U.S. Department."

Rep. Waltz added that "it is critical we terminate any funding mechanisms that prop-up his illegitimate and brutal regime."

Thanking Rep. Wasserman Schultz and Senator Scott for co-leading the legislation with him, Rep. Waltz further thanked them for "their steadfast efforts to free Venezuela from the clutches of tyranny."

Senator Scott also released a statement, warning that Maduro is involved in "committing a genocide against the people of Venezuela."

"Not one cent of U.S. taxpayer money can be used to prop up this murderous regime," urged Sen. Scott, adding that the United States should "never stop fighting for freedom and democracy, especially in our own hemisphere."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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