Haley Will cut Foreign Aid to Enemies

Haley Will cut Foreign Aid to Enemies

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
February 26, 2023

Over the weekend, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) penned an op-ed, sharing her views on foreign aid. In the op-ed, Haley assured that she would be cutting foreign aid to enemies of the United States. The 2024 presidential candidate has been vocal regarding her views, commenting that she will "cut every cent from every country that hates us."

In the op-ed for the New York Post, Haley outlines that in 2022 the United States spent $46 billion in foreign aid. It's a concern for Haley because "taxpayers deserve to know where that money is going and what it's doing," adding that taxpayers "will be shocked to find that much of it goes to fund anti-American countries and causes."

If elected president, Haley affirms that this will end.

Some countries that the United States has given foreign aid to include Zimbabwe, Iraq, and China among others.

"We've given Iraq more than $1 billion over the last few years, even though its government is getting closer to the murderous thugs in Iran who shout 'Death to America!' and launch attacks on our troops," Haley wrote. "We give hundreds of millions of dollars to Zimbabwe, a country with one of the most anti-American voting records in the UN," she added, noting that "American taxpayers still give money to Communist China for ridiculous environment programs, despite the obvious threat China poses to Americans."

Though she directs blame to President Joe Biden (D), Haley notes that "it's been happening for decades under presidents of both parties," and in running for president, she will "restore our nation's strength, our national pride and our people's trust." By cutting foreign aid to the countries mentioned, she plans to support "American allies and friends like Israel and Ukraine."

Haley has directed political jabs to both Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and President Donald Trump (R) as Republicans look to rally behind a candidate to challenge President Biden.

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Daniel Molina

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