Parkland Parents Call Ausley Mailer ‘Disgusting’

Parkland Parents Call Ausley Mailer ‘Disgusting’

“This is not okay. This is never okay.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 9, 2022

Florida Democrats continue to receive backlash over a mailer that depicted Republican candidate Cory Simon (R) on a shooting target. Republicans have rebuked the advertisement, and now Parkland parents are denouncing the advertisement as well. The Parkland Parents have responded to the mailer, calling out Florida Democrats and calling the mailer “disgusting.”

Incumbent state Senator Loranne Ausley (D) has faced scrutiny over a mailer depicting her Republican opponent on a shooting target. Political pundits have expressed disappointment in the mailer along with Republicans, arguing that the advertisement is similar to racist imagery from the Jim Crowe era.

The mailer also depicts a child on a shooting target with bullets strewn around under it, and the imagery has incited disappointment and ire from the Parkland parents.

Ryan Petty took to social media to call the advertisement “disgusting,” saying that Democrats should be ashamed for releasing such a mailer, and “shame on those that funded this.”

“This ad says more about you than it does about your political opponents,” Petty added.

Andrew Pollack echoed in his remarks, calling out Democrats state Senator Lauren Book (D), state Senator Loranne Ausley (D), state Senator Janet Cruz (D), and state Senatorial hopeful Janelle Perez (D), saying that they “approved a political ad that puts kids on shooting targets.”

“This is not okay. This is never okay. You wrap your arms around Parkland for photo ops then treat children like political pawns,” Pollack argued.

The mailer calls on voters to not “let extremists like Corey Simon turn our schools into shooting ranges,” and it was released by a fundraising panel that is dedicated to electing Democrats to the Florida Senate.

Pressure continues to mount on Senator Book to respond on the controversial mailer, and calls have been directed to Florida Rep. Charlie Crist (D) to denounce Ausley’s advertisement.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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