Texas Sends Busloads of Illegal Immigrants to VP Harris’ Washington Domicile

Texas Sends Busloads of Illegal Immigrants to VP Harris’ Washington Domicile

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
September 16, 2022

Washington- On Thursday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott bussed scores of illegal migrants to the gates of Vice President Kamala Harris’ neighborhood.

Most of the migrants are reportedly of Venezuelan origin, fleeing the poverty-stricken and crime-ridden nation that Maduro’s socialist regime has created.

Recently, the Biden administration came under fire for its bilateral relations with Venezuela and other authoritarian regimes in South America.

However, Governor Greg Abbott’s move to ship illegal migrants to so called ‘sanctuary cities’ and other Democratic areas has arisen out of political disagreement in Washington over the nation’s immigration policies.


Similarly, Florida flew dozens of illegal immigrants to sanctuary city Martha’s Vineyard on September 14. Sanctuary cities, such as Martha’s Vineyard, provide a legal paradise for illegal immigration. While the quantity of illegal immigrants that actually make it to most sanctuary cities is minute, the ‘sanctuary city’ concept had recently become a popular way for Democrat-led cities and counties to challenge states with tough illegal-immigration policies.

It seems however, as if governors like Abbott and DeSantis are attempting to turn the tables and force Democrats supporting the sanctuary city idea to  ‘Put their money where their mouth is’ by processing illegal migrants that would otherwise be regulated by border states and cities.

Conservatives argue that sanctuary cities will soon cease to endorse weak immigration policies the more that they are directly exposed to the issue of unregulated, illegal immigration.

Currently, it is unclear whether the policy of shipping illegal migrants to sanctuary cities will be sustained moving forward.  What remains clear is that the move is an attempt by conservative states to demonstrate what they see as the feebleness of sanctuary cities’ resolve to fulfill the empty promises they make to immigrants illegally entering the country.

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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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