Democrat Charlie Crist Fundraises Hours Before Deadly Storm Hits Florida

Democrat Charlie Crist Fundraises Hours Before Deadly Storm Hits Florida

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
September 28, 2022

Just as Category 4 Hurricane Ian’s outer bands begin to hit Southwest Florida hours before the eyewall makes landfall, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist is making sure he can squeeze a few nickels out of Floridians before they lose power from the deadly storm.

In what can only be described as a shameful political move,  the Crist campaign just sent out a fundraising email minutes after the lates Hurricane advisory was put out by NOAA.

The storm is just off of Sanibel Island and as we said, about to make landfall, but that doesn’t dissuade Crist from trying to raise some more money.

Why not? Who cares about a potentially deadly storm when his “FINAL End-of-Quarter Goal” is afoot, right?

Crist's fundraising email was sent out at 10:09 am, just 9 minutes after NOAA put out their advisory. See below"


We’re days away from a crucial deadline. We have to reach our FINAL End-of-Quarter Goal before the election to have a shot at defeating Ron DeSantisIt’s critical you chip in now. Here’s why:

  • Charlie Crist is DOMINATING DeSantis in newly released polls (Charlie is winning by 6 points!)
  • DeSantis is one of the most dangerous Republicans in the country. He’s doubling down on banning abortion and attacking innocent migrant children and families.
  • This is our LAST CHANCE to stop him before he runs for president and tries to force his far-right MAGA agenda on the entire country!

With just 41 days until the election, this is the most important stretch of the entire campaign. We have just days left before our FINAL End-of-Quarter Deadline to lock in our budget for the final stretch of the campaign (that includes buying ads, paying organizers, and building a statewide turnout program to push voters to the polls).

Meanwhile, Gov. DeSantis is holding hurricane press conference and updates at a fever pitch. DeSantis has been updating Floridians throughout the night.

The NOAA Advisory here:


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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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