Trial Attorneys Continue to Drive up Insurance Premiums

Trial Attorneys Continue to Drive up Insurance Premiums

August 30, 2022

Dear Editor,

As a Florida small business owner, I am writing to make my voice heard that something needs to be done about our state’s assignment of benefits (AOB) laws.

Trial lawyers are in cahoots with medical providers to scam good businesses out of the dollars we need to stay afloat in today’s economy. Florida’s legal loopholes threaten our already-vulnerable job market as well as the small business community.

I understand that accidents happen on the job. But when plaintiff’s lawyers step in and take over for accident victims through AOB contracts, they team up with medical providers to inflate the cost of treatment. In turn, insurance companies are forced to pay higher damages or settle for larger sums. As a result, small businesses are forced to pay higher premiums to offset these costs. For many, these higher costs are simply unsustainable.

Unfortunately, small businesses aren’t the only losers. Legitimate accident victims often receive less than they’re owed after all the other interested parties get paid. The process would be much more straightforward if victims had direct control of their claims and if there was transparency into the true cost of treatment and other damages.

The current system is a lose-lose situation. Businesses and insurers pay more, while victims receive less. Florida needs AOB guardrails that protect both sides from this exploitation.

Kathryn Harrison

7702 Pontiac Dr.

Pensacola, FL  32506


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