Trump's Potential Presidential Announcement Keeps 2024 Republicans on ice

Trump's Potential Presidential Announcement Keeps 2024 Republicans on ice

Byron Donalds all in on Donald Trump in 2024

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
July 13, 2022

WASHINGTON—Polls have shown a deepening divide on who the Republican Party is hedging their bets on for president in 2024.  While Gov. Ron DeSantis has enjoyed rising popularity among Floridians and other Americans around the nation, Republicans seem to still be waiting on former President Donald Trump's expected presidential announcement.

Since former President Trump (R) lost to President Joe Biden (D) in the 2020 election, it seemed only natural for Trump to run for the White House a third time.  Early on into the Biden presidency, a vast majority of Republicans still favored Trump as the Republican nominee in 2024.

While his lead is slowly slipping to Governor DeSantis (R-FL), many Florida Republicans have still not jumped ship in support of the popular governor's possible presidential bid, including US Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL).

The Floridian spoke with Rep. Donalds who thinks that Trump is still the one to, "get down to business."  Donalds said, "I think 45 will announce when he is ready to. I don’t think announcing early doesn’t really matter because I think that everybody is waiting for the shoe to drop.  And that’s what everyone’s waiting for."

Personally speaking, Donalds wants President Trump to once again be the presidential nominee for the third election cycle in a row.  When asked if he wants Trump to run, Donalds said, "Yes, of course, why wouldn’t I?"

"For the Republicans who are afraid of their own shadow right now, what they need to remember is, when George W. Bush was President, everybody all of sudden had Bush fatigue," added Donalds.

Some Republican voters think that Trump may be too much of a polarizing figure for voters and there needs to be a fresh new face to lead the party.  However, Donalds sees it in a totally different light.

"It doesn’t matter who our nominee is going to be, the media and the Democrats are gong to trash us.  I’d rather have somebody here, who’s not going to give any slack, get down to business, and who is going to get down to business," concluded Donalds.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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