Jimmy Patronis Praises DeSantis for Economic Success in FL

Jimmy Patronis Praises DeSantis for Economic Success in FL

Florida ahead of the economic game across the country

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
July 24, 2022

Hollywood, FL - The latest economic numbers have once again set Florida apart from the rest of the country as the state's jobless rates continued to decline.  While at the Sunshine Summit CFO Jimmy Patronis (R-FL) praised the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and bashed Washington's handling of inflation.

The Floridian spoke with CFO Jimmy Patronis after he made his remarks on stage at the Summit.  When asked about the latest decline in Florida's unemployment, Patronis seemed unsurprised and stated, "Well, right now, Florida is in tourist season. So they're the type of demands that we're seeing on the needs for staffing."

"The demand is an all time high, but just pay attention next time you go to Best Buy or Walmart or you name it wherever you go. You're going to see a different profile employee that you may have not seen before," Patronis added.

Patronis also commented on the recent economic crisis with inflation.

"But now, the other thing that people aren't talking about is with 9.1% inflation, and that's just the kind of unbaked number. If you fully bake it that you should include fuel and food and people's cost of living right now is higher than ever before," added Patronis, continuing, "And people are having to go to work and get a second job because the inflation environment Washington's created has created the need for people to have more income with their homes."

Patronis did not fail to give credit to Florida  Governor Ron DeSantis.

When asked about what sets Florida apart from other states, Patronis responded, "You know, I still live in Northwest Florida. I still see a lot of people from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee that come and visit and I still hear constantly about how much they love our governor."

Patronis continued, "Now, why would somebody from another state want to relay that to me if they weren't admiring the leadership that he has shown here in this state? So you know, I love what the governor has been doing. It's not easy leading the way he is leading, dealing with COVID."

DeSantis recently signed the Freedom First Budget, while also vetoing $3 billion that would have went towards prisons.

Patronis praised the Governor's decision.

"When the governor vetoed $3 billion I was beyond excited. I expected you know, maybe he'll get to a billion, I never dreamed to be $3 billion. And you know what, that's a good message to send the Florida Legislature that you know what, I'm gonna get reelected as governor, and you're gonna have to deal with me for a minimum of two more years. Who knows what's gonna happen in the future election cycles. And so that definitely sends a message to them that I'm going to be a fiscal hawk in your budget request that you pass out of your chambers," concluded Patronis.

Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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