JUICE—Florida Politics' Juicy Read —6.8.2022 — Does Nikki Fried Swing a Bigger Gun Than Charlie Crist?

JUICE—Florida Politics' Juicy Read —6.8.2022 — Does Nikki Fried Swing a Bigger Gun Than Charlie Crist?

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
June 8, 2022


Does Charlie Crist’s gun Measure up to Nikki Fried’s?

By her own admission, AG Commissioner Nikki Fried packs heat wherever she goes. She recently came out against Constitutional Carry in Florida, but does she swing a bigger gun than Rep. Charlie Crist?

Republicans will say yes, considering that it’s Crist she is being compared with. Democrats don’t appear to be all that engaged, yet.

As Fried and Crist head to a potentially epic mano-a-mano cage fight for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, could their position on guns be the deciding factor in whom Democrats will choose to take on Gov. Ron DeSantisREAD MORE

That’s F-ed Up—Fried Looks To Flip Support Away From the Flip-Flopper

Fried has once again taken a jab at Rep. Charlie Crist’s chameleon-like political past and is not asserting that he is the clear choice for Democrats in the 2022 gubernatorial primary sweepstakes. Is she? READ MORE

Rep. Val Demings-I envision an America where our children are safe at school. Where they are free to be themselves. Where they are granted the same American Dream we were.

Ron DeSantis-Florida is #1 in Freedom.

Marco Rubio-Happy to see that the Mexican President who has turned entire sections of his country over to drug cartels and is an apologist for a tyranny in Cuba,a murderous dictator in Nicaragua and a narco-trafficker in Venezuela won’t be in America this week

Rep. Carlos G Smith-“If we can raise the age to purchase a firearm federally from 18 to 21, ensure universal criminal background checks on guns and ammunition, and set a federal minimum for red flag laws, I think that’s a really good start.”

Shevrin “Shev” Jones-“The flags are being raised higher now more than ever because it’s not just the physical flag, it’s the flag of our voices, it’s the flag of our advocacy that’s being raised in this mom"

Rep. Lois Frankel-America is confronting a rising tide of gun violence, from Uvalde to Buffalo to countless communities across our country.

It's time to #EndGunViolence & @HouseDemocrats are committed to saving lives with critical gun violence prevention legislation.



Nikki Fried
Nikki Fried

"Fried to Veto Constitutional Carry Legislation in Florida if Elected Governor" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—Fort Lauderdale—During her “Lower Costs, Higher Standards” town hall meeting and press event at the Mt. Harmon AME Church, Agriculture Commissioner and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried was asked if she would veto Republican-led legislative to legalize Constitutional Carry in Florida if she to defeats Gov. Ron DeSantis in the 2022 gubernatorial election.

"Fried: DeSantis Courts 'White Supremacist' Votes" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—After calling for the Department of Justice to keep an eye on election-related actions of Florida officials, warning of Governor DeSantis attempting to “circumvent or override democratic norms, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) is accusing Governor DeSantis of courting “white supremacist insurrectionist” votes.

"Nikki Fried Asserts She's the 'Only option' Democrats Have" by The Floridian's Jim McCool—Although Commissioner Nikki Fried (D-FL) may be the progressive choice in Florida's Democratic gubernatorial primary race, US Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) has pulled in notable progressive endorsements from around Florida. Just this week, progressive Democrat Fried responded to an unexpected shift in the race.

"Democrats Laugh at Rising Gas Prices" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—While The Floridian has been up to date about the rising gas prices in America, some members of the Legislative Branch have been laughing at the high gas prices in their home state as they’ve driven past gas stations in electric vehicles, while the average consumer cannot afford to make the switch to electric vehicles because they’re too busy looking for baby formula or are trying to make ends meet due to the inflation crisis.

"Mooney Labeled as Criminal Drug Dealer in new Attack ad" by The Floridian's Jim McCool—Rhonda Rebman Lopez (R-FL) is fighting valiantly to take win the Florida House seat she lost by the narrowest of margins during the 2020 presidential election. The Floridians for Truth Now has recently launched a scathing new video, in which they blast her competition with a humbling, "Shame on you Jim Mooney."

"Biden Brags About His Time in Office Despite Low Poll Numbers" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Since the start of the Russo-Ukrainian War, The Floridian has been diligent in monitoring gas prices, inflation, and the Biden administration’s policy decisions and their impact on the American economy, the worldwide economy, and geo-political relations as a whole

"Senate Leadership Backs Jay Trumbull for Florida Senate" by The Floridian's Jim McCool—State Rep. Jay Trumbull (R-6), who is running for the State Senate District 2, has pulled in the endorsements of the Florida Senate leadership, including Senate President Wilton Simpson (R-FL).

"Rick Scott: 'American families are struggling' Under Biden" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

"Biden Forgets to Acknowledge 78th Anniversary of D-Day, Remembers at 9 pm" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

"Fmr. Green Beret Jerry Torres Pivots, Runs for Congress against Rep. Kathy Castor Instead" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

Gov. Ron DeSantis
Gov. Ron DeSantis

"DeSantis Could Sign Constitutional Carry Bill in 2023" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

"Mast Receives Jim Jordan Endorsement" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—On Monday, Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) was endorsed by the founder of the Freedom Caucus in the House, and fellow colleague, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). Rep. Jordan has been in Congress since 2007 and been serving the 4th district all 15 years in the House. Currently, he sits as a ranking member on the Judiciary Committee and serves on the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

"Crist Scores More Gubernatorial Endorsements" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—With Florida state Senator Annette Taddeo (D) dropping out of the gubernatorial race to challenge Florida Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R), both Florida Rep. Charlie Crist (D) and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) are vying for the nomination, and for endorsements. In recent weeks, Rep. Crist, who formerly served as Florida's Governor as a Republican, has emerged as the frontrunner, amassing endorsements from unions to politicians.

"Taddeo Drops out of Gubernatorial Race" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—With Florida’s August primary just around the corner, the Democratic gubernatorial race will now see Florida Rep. Charlie Crist (D) and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) seeking the nomination.

"Waltz: Biden is "Lining the Pockets of a Dictator", Maduro" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—It appears the United States is going from supporting one dictator to another when it comes to influencing the purchase of oil around the globe. In an effort to slow down Russian President Vladimir Putin and his campaign in east Ukraine, the Biden administration is poised to allow the shipment of oil from Venezuela into Europe, according to a report by Reuters.

"Florida Gasoline Prices Hit $4.76 Record" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Florida hit a record-high $4.76 on Sunday and likely will continue to rise, the AAA auto club said. "Unfortunately, the pain at the pump is likely to get even worse this week," AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said in a prepared statement Monday.

"Rubio: Heavily Invested Liberal Network is Attempting to "Wipe Out Hispanic Conservative Voices" by The Floridian's Jackson Backich—It was just announced recently that Latino Media Network has purchased the formerly TelevisaUnivision backed radio station, Radio Mambi out of Miami. Radio Mambi is a well-known conservative news program in South Florida’s Cuban community, but conservatives now fear that the new owners could steer the station in a new direction.

"Sen. Aaron Bean Announces Run for Congress in CD 4" by The Floridian's Jim McCool—State Senator Aaron Bean (R-4), who has stacked up quite the impressive résumé in the Florida Senate, has just announced his candidacy for US Congress in Florida's fourth Congressional District.

"Democrats Highlight Gun Control by Wearing Orange" By The Floridian's Daniel Molina—Over the weekend, Florida Democrats shared their support for gun control amidst a number of shootings across the country. The weekend marked Wear Orange, which is an effort meant to raise awareness about gun violence. Across the United States, lawmakers wore orange, the White House was lit orange, and lawmakers expressed the need for gun control measures to address gun violence.

"Florida 'Red-Flag' Law Eyed Amid Gun Debate" by the News Service of Florida—TALLAHASSEE --- As a national debate rages over gun laws after last month’s mass shooting at a Texas elementary school, proponents of “red-flag” policies point to a Florida law as a model for states seeking to strip deadly weapons from people who could cause harm.

"Progressive Advocacy Groups Oppose Gov DeSantis' Family First, Parental Rights Agenda" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—As Senate Bill 1796, legislation related to family law and child time-sharing awaits Family First Gov. Ron DeSantis’ signature, left-wing groups such as the progressive League of Women Voters and the National Organization of Women (NOW) continue to lobby against the measure on behalf of trial lawyers who stand to lose millions of dollars in billable hours if Gov. DeSantis signs this family-first bill into law.

Charter Schools
Charter Schools

"Florida School District Bans Bookbags over Potential Security Threat" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—Fort Lauderdale— Parents with school-age children that attend schools within the Broward County School District have been told that as of Tuesday June 7th, “no bookbags and backpacks will be permitted in any school building” as the school district may have received a credit threat (s) of violence that could take place in the last days of the school year.

"Gaetz Calls 'Red Flag Law' Supporters Traitors to Constitution" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) sent a clear message to Republicans who support red flag laws and shared his own feelings about the possibility of this type of legislation getting passed in the Senate. This issue has divided some Republicans. Those who support red flag laws usually go to the “common sense” defense while those who oppose usually immediately call their colleagues RINO’s.

"DeSantis Nixes Mask Punishment for Schools" by the News Service of Florida—TALLAHASSEE — Breaking from the Legislature’s efforts to punish school districts that imposed mask mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday directed Florida’s new education commissioner to ignore a plan that would have made the districts ineligible for $200 million.

"Eskamani Endorses Crist for Governor" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina

"Not Every Republican Lawmaker Supported DeSantis' 'Freedom First' Budget" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed the long-anticipated $109.9 billion “Freedom First” budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 at the Republican voter stronghold, The Villages.

"Scott on Rising Gas Prices: "Enough is Enough" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Yesterday, The Floridian reported about the nationwide rising gas prices. The historic highs have brought some of the most mind-boggling numbers this country has ever seen. We reported that gas prices reached its highest rate ever. We reported that in just one day, the national average went up 5 cents. We reported that in just one month, it went up 50 cents. We reported that in just one year, it went up $1.63 roughly. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, the national average went up 4 more cents today.

"Webster Receives 60 Plus Endorsement" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—The senior citizen organization, 60 Plus, has officially endorsed Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) for reelection. 60 Plus is a nonpartisan, non-profit advocacy group with a “free enterprise, less government, and fewer taxes view towards issues important to seniors” according to their website.

'It's Okay to Say Gay' Billboards Continue to pop up in Florida" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—June is Pride month in the LGBTQ community and activists in Florida are out in force trying to bring more attention to the false “Don’t Say Gay” political narrative that was coined during the 2022 legislative session that concluded in March.


The JUICE is squeezed by Javier Manjarres, Jim McCool, and Daniel Molina

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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