Eskamani Mobilizes Reproductive Rights Protest

Eskamani Mobilizes Reproductive Rights Protest

“This is not the time to shrink, or surrender. The antidote to despair is action.”

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 27, 2022

In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling that overturned Roe vs. Wade, Democrats have begun mobilizing voters against the decision across the nation. Florida State Rep. Anna V. Eskamani (D), who’s running for reelection, began the week by mobilizing a protest for reproductive rights and calling for voters to become more engaged in state and local elections.

Taking to Twitter to share information on the protest, the flyer for “Orlando’s rally & march to organize for abortion rights” read “this is not the time to shrink, or surrender. The antidote to despair is action.”

With that, the Florida Democrat also took to social media to comment on the upcoming election, questioning, “do you know who is running in your State House & State Senate seat? Do you know what their position is w/banning abortion?”

Eskamani explained that “Florida’s legislature is Republican dominated; out of 120 House Seats we have 42 Democrats. Out of 40 state Senate seats, we have 16 Democrats. All of these seats are up for re-election this year, including mine.”

“Some of these are completely gerrymandered seats and drawn to benefit one party, including some w/important Democratic Primaries where anti-abortion Democrats are running,” Eskamani added, informing that “we also have some Republican [sic] who are getting nervous about their past votes on abortions, especially those who have swing seats like in nearby Seminole County.”

As a result, Eskamani called for voters to “learn who Represents [sic] you at a State Level & hold them accountable,” adding that “it will help us protect abortion in FL along with all of our collective rights & freedoms.”

On Twitter, the Democratic firebrand affirmed that “it’s time to get people on the record,” sharing a how-to guide for voters to become familiar with candidates running in the upcoming election.

In the upcoming primary election scheduled for August 23, Eskamani faces challengers in Andrew Jeng, Dan Marquith, and Anthony Nieves. In the GOP primary, Paula Stark is the sole Republican candidate.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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