Rubio Mocks Demings for Co-opting Past Obama and Biden Campaign Slogans

Rubio Mocks Demings for Co-opting Past Obama and Biden Campaign Slogans

Florida Democrats, including Demings, have not denounced Smith’s defense of socialism.

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
April 24, 2022

No sooner than senatorial candidate and Rep. Val Demings launched her “Todos Con Demings” Hispanic outreach campaign in Orlando, Senator Marco Rubio countered with a website mocking her as being nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Biden and Obama presidential administrations.

“Estoy construyendo un movimiento que represente a toda la Florida,” Demings stated in a Tweet.

Translation: “I am constructing a movement that represents all of Florida.”

Rubio’s campaign also criticized a Twitter meme that Demings published where she mimicked former President Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential election “Yes We Can” slogan.

“Demings is transparently following Biden’s lead with every decision she makes – even in her attempts to reach Florida’s Hispanic communities. She copied his coalition name (Todos con Biden), as well as Obama's "yes we can," with some cringey Spanglish, "She Se Puede,” stated the Rubio campaign in a press release.

The “She Se Puede” slogan could be an attempt at injecting a gender pronoun into the title and not the poor use of Spanglish as Team Rubio contends.

On the “Todos con Demings” website, Rubio’s campaign asserts that Demings has championed the current Democratic Socialism agenda.

“Val Demings sigue el mismo libreto de Joe Biden y fallandole a las familias hispanas de la Florida,” states the website.

Translation: “Val Demings continues the same Biden playbook and failing Hispanics families from Florida.”

In addition, the website highlights the following claims Rubio has made against Demings:

  • Demings refused to call for unleashing American oil production to decrease the burden of high gas prices.
  • Demings championed Biden’s multi-trillion dollar Build Back Socialist agenda, which gives tax cuts to millionaires in states like CA & NY.
  • Deming voted to cut funding for more parental choice in education.
  • Demings called Defunding the Police “very thoughtful” and violent protests “a beautiful sight.”
  • Demings votes with the Socialist Agenda of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 94% of the time.
  • Demings failed to call out socialism in Cuba or take a position on the embargo until running for Senate.
  • Demings refused to condemn Biden’s negotiations to buy oil from Maduro’s narco-regime in Venezuela.
  • Demings is clueless about the importance of our historic relationship with Colombia.

The Hispanic outreach event was planned for this past Saturday after the Puerto Rican Day parade where State Senators Victor Torres and Janet Cruz were in attendance, as well as State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, arguable one of the most Progressive, socialist-minded members of the Florida Legislature.

Last year, Sen. Rubio condemned Rep. Smith for defending socialism and called for “every single Florida Democrat should denounce” Smith’s “ill-informed comments.”

“Again, Wow! These are stunning allegations that Socialism has killed people around the world. My question is, are you at all concerned that that by focusing on Democratic Socialism...” said Smith.

“Every single Florida Democrat should denounce these ill-informed comments,” said Rubio, “I know people personally — friends and neighbors — who have fled socialist regimes and have lost loved ones due to evil, corrupt socialist dictators. Denying that socialism has taken the lives of countless people worldwide, is to say that the lives of those victims don’t matter.”

To date, Florida Democrats, including Demings, have not denounced Smith’s defense of socialism.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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