House Republicans Introduce “Tax Free Social Security” Bill First  Proposed by Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer

House Republicans Introduce “Tax Free Social Security” Bill First Proposed by Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
April 2, 2022

Republicans across the country are praising Rep. Thomas Massie’s ‘Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act (H.R.6590)’ after the bill’s filing in early February 2022.

Among the measure's co-sponsors are Florida Reps. Matt Gaetz, Bill Posey, and Daniel Webster.

The bill ends the federal government’s practice of double-taxing Social Security benefits.

But as more and more Republican lawmakers continue to sign up as co-sponsors to Rep. Massie’s bill, the idea of ending double-taxation on Social Security benefits was first proposed as legislation in 2019 by Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer and one of her key policy positions.

Loomer is currently running for US Congress in Florida’s 11th District as an America First Republican where she is primarying five term Congressman Daniel Webster.

It is worth noting that Daniel Webster, one of the bill’s co-sponsors has been in Congress for ten years and never once proposed the idea of Tax-Free social security until Loomer jumped in the race against him.

Just as she did in 2019, In November 2021, Loomer released a campaign ad titled “Keep the Change: Laura Loomer Wants to Help YOU KEEP your WHOLE Social Security Check”, highlighting her idea of making Social Security Tax Free.

In a recent email blast, Loomer said,Our Senior Citizens need a break. They’ve worked hard their entire lives and paid into the Social Security System. As a member of Congress, I will support tax-free Social Security for our Seniors!

"As Democrats scream about “living wages” and seriously consider handing monthly paychecks to millennial non-workers and illegal aliens as a new entitlement, our Seniors’ needs are ignored. In 1983, it was then-Senator Joe Biden who was the deciding vote on the 50% tax on Social Security checks," stated Loomer. "I’m going in on Day 1 with a plan that will ease the burden on our seniors and give them a few thousand more dollars in their pockets to pay bills, fund visits to see their grandchildren, or give them a much-deserved, more comfortable life."

The Florida Primary between Loomer and Webster is shaping up to be one of the most-watched primary elections in the nation. The Florida Republican Primary is scheduled for August 23, 2022.


Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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