Rubio: Demings is

Rubio: Demings is "Wishy Washy" on Venezuela

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
March 11, 2022

After criticizing Florida Rep. Val Demings (D) for not commenting on the Biden Administration meeting with officials from the Maduro regime, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) campaign is once again calling for her to comment on the subject. Calling her responses "wishy washy," Rubio warned about the United States easing Venezuelan economic sanctions to accept the country as an oil supplier.

Earlier this week, Rubio directed criticism at his Democratic Senatorial opponent, arguing that Demings has provided a "half-baked" approach to foreign policy. He listed political tension in Cuba with the protests against the Castro regime, the Biden Administration removing FARC from the State Department's list of foreign terrorist organizations, and the most recent controversial move with Colombia, Rubio states that Demings has provided "half-baked" engagement.

Elizabeth Gregory, the communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate, released a statement, further criticizing Demings for not providing a statement on the U.S. possibly receiving oil from Venezuela.

"Val Demings' wishy-washy statement doesn't cut it," Gregory said, adding that "Demings still hasn't recognized our nation's support of President Guaido's Interim Governor or condemned Biden's talk with Maduro's narco-regime, and that won't go unnoticed by Venezuelan-Americans in Florida.

As expressed by the president, the Biden Administration's goal is for the United States to become less dependent on Russia regarding oil. As a means to seek an alternative oil source as gas prices continue to soar, the president has hinted at the U.S. easing economic sanctions in Venezuela.

This move has elicited a bipartisan response of condemnation with Florida state Senator Annette Taddeo (D), currently seeking a gubernatorial run, calling for the Biden Administration to cease communication with the Maduro regime.

"This is not complicated," argued Rubio, adding that "the United States should not move from buying oil from one murderer to buying oil from another."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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