Politifact Finds Demings' Rubio Claim 'False'

Politifact Finds Demings' Rubio Claim 'False'

“Val Demings is grasping at straws in an effort to get Floridians to ignore her dismal record.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
March 17, 2022

The Rubio campaign is touting a recent Politifact finding that corrects the Demings campaign. In a recent advertisement, the Demings campaign accuses Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) of “following his party bosses, like Rick Scott, with his plan to raise taxes on Florida’s working families, retirees, and veterans.”

Upon analysis, Politifact deduced that the Demings campaign was “false” in its accusation, and the Rubio campaign is now accusing Demings of “grasping at straws” in an effort to gain supporters.

Earlier this month, Senatorial challenger and former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings (D) released an advertisement, criticizing Senator Rubio of supporting Florida Senator Rick Scott’s (R) new tax plan.

Saying that Rubio is following the lead of his “party bosses,” the Rubio campaign immediately responded to the advertisement, arguing that Demings “has launched an attack ad that… smears Marco’s record.”

As such, Politifact conducted an investigation into Demings’ claim, and they have just announced that there is “no evidence that Rubio has endorsed Scott’s plan.” Moreover, “Demings’ campaign also did not cite any.”

The Rubio campaign is now sharing Politifacts’ findings, and Elizabeth Gregory, the communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate, released a statement criticizing Rep. Demings.

“Val Demings is grasping at straws in an effort to get Floridians to ignore her dismal record,” said Gregory. She went on to make a distinction between Demings and Rubio, explaining that “while Senator Rubio has a proven record of delivering for Floridians through doubling the child tax credit for working families, bringing accountability to the VA, and saving millions of jobs with the Paycheck Protection Program, all Demings has done is follow the lead of Nancy Pelosi.”

Senator Scott's tax plan calls for everyone to pay income tax, so everyone has "skin in the game."

Rubio has not voiced his support for the plan, but when asked to share his thoughts, he responded by saying "I think it's a good thing."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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