Fried Reminds Voters of Charlie Crist's Support for Offshore Oil Drilling

Fried Reminds Voters of Charlie Crist's Support for Offshore Oil Drilling

Nikki Fried further isolates Rep. Crist in heated primary race

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
March 13, 2022

US Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) appeared to be the front runner in the 2022 Democrat gubernatorial race early on, but Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried (D-FL) could pull ahead after reminding voting Democrats of Rep. Crist's record on supporting offshore drilling.

Past titles such as, "Chain Gang Charlie," has haunted the Crist campaign as he pursues the governorship once again and looks to solidify his Democratic bona fides and shake his past recorded as a "Conservative Republican."

But the congressman has a bigger issue at hand with Commissioner Fried's recent comments.

Fried took to Twitter over the weekend where she bragged about being, "the only leading Democrat in my primary who can say that."  "That," being against supporting offshore drilling.  Fried also made a crucial promise, "When gas prices go up, some politicians will say drill, baby drill, even close to Florida beaches. Let me be very clear, I will NEVER say that."

Commissioner Fried then referenced Crist's former days in the Republican Party where he supported the practice of offshore drilling in hopes of being selected as Republican Vice Presidential nominee for the late Sen. John McCain, who was the Republican presidential nominee in 2008.

That year, Sen. McCain infamously advocated lifting a federal ban on offshore drilling which resulted in Crist flip-flopping on the issue.  Only two years earlier in 2006, Crist strongly discouraged offshore drilling, writing to the US Interior Department while he was Attorney General of Florida.

"Even one accident related to oil and gas exploration or production could prove catastrophic, not only to the coastal resources that make Florida special but also to our state's vital tourism and fishing industries ... For Florida, drilling in the Gulf of Mexico presents economic as well as environmental dangers," said then-Attorney General Crist.

Although Fried does not have as much political experience, she certainly appears to be using that to her advantage.  The Commissioner of Agriculture and former lobbyist is positioning herself as the most, "Progressive," choice in the 2022 Democrat Primary race for governor.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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