Rubio: 'Chief Demings' Title is Only for 'Political Interests'

“It isn’t Chief Val Demings who votes 100% of the time for Joe Biden’s agenda – it’s Representative Val Demings.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
February 21, 2022

Florida Rep. Val Demings (D) is facing controversy over her use of “Chief Demings” on the campaign trail. While some officers are expressing disappointment over her use of the title, the Rubio campaign is directing further criticism, accusing her of using the “title to suit her political interests.”

Last week, it was reported that the senatorial hopeful had been using the “Chief Demings” title on campaign material. She had previously used the title before she was under consideration for President Joe Biden’s (D) Vice President. However, the Florida Democrat is now using the title again much to the dismay of political figures.

In a statement, Elizabeth Gregory, the communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate, shared her disappointment, commenting that “Val Demings is a member of Congress now, and she has to own her Congressional record.”

Saying that “it isn’t Chief Val Demings who votes 100% of the time for Joe Biden’s agenda – it’s Representative Val Demings,” Gregory added that “Florida voters will see right through Demings’ attempts to reclaim her former title to suit her political interests.”

Earlier this year, 55 Florida sheriffs endorsed Senator Marco Rubio (R), and Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Brevard County criticized Demings for her use of the title, calling it “disturbing.”

“It’s disturbing that Demings would pick and choose the times she adopts the title of ‘Chief’ based on when it’s politically helpful for her and not when it comes to standing up for law enforcement,” Ivey said, adding that “those of us in law enforcement don’t get to pick and choose when to accept the responsibility of protecting our communities – it’s an around the clock job.”

This week, Demings took to social media to fight back against the “Defund the Police” narrative that some Democrats have supported, arguing that they are “false claims.” Instead, she highlighted legislation she cosponsored titled the Invest in Law Enforcement Act of 2022, which will "invest in local police departments in Florida and across the country."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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