Byron Donalds Says he Will Hold Pelosi Accountable for Capitol Riot

Byron Donalds Says he Will Hold Pelosi Accountable for Capitol Riot

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
January 6, 2022

On the 1-year anniversary of the January 6th Capitol riot, Democratic legislators are using the ominous day to push their media narrative that former President Donald Trump and many of his supporters, actually tried to overthrow the federal government.

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds (D), who sits on the House Oversight Committee, told The Floridian that he will be challenging Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi and demanding that she allow the governing body to hold her accountable for actions or inactions before, during, and after the riot.

Rep. Donalds called the riot a “real tragedy for the country” and said that he would be demanding that Speaker Pelosi answer his questions about her involvement in the incident.

“The person who is responsible for securing the capitol on like a daily basis, is the Speaker of the House,” said Rep. Donalds, who then asked the following questions that he believes “need to be asked about January 6th.”

What did she do?

What did she not do?

What did she authorize, what did she not authorize?

Why did she make those decisions?

Who did she speak to?

Did she see the intel reports that the FBI said that they sent over to Capitol Police?

Does she even care?

Donalds then defended former President Trump from the narrative his Democratic colleagues were pushing that former president “fomented the insurrection.”

“The mere fact that he (Trump) authorized the National Guard to be in DC on January 6th, flies literally in the face of any idea that he fomented. It's ridiculous," said Donalds.

The freshman lawmaker added that he and the House Oversight Committee were interviewing members of the “Chain of Command” involved and responsible for the security of the Capitol that day, and that “all the information pointing to, you know, we gotta talk to the head of capitol police.”

Before Donalds’ committee was able to speak to the head of the Capitol Police, that individual resigned.”

In addition, the new Capitol Police chief “was never made available to the Oversight Committee to testify,” said Donalds.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently panned the media narrative and said that Democrats and certain media outlets were just out to smear Trump.

“The DC/New York media, this is their Christmas, January 6, ok,” said Gov. DeSantis. They are going to take this, and milk this for anything they could to try to be able to smear anyone who ever supported Donald Trump.”

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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