Murphy Says Idea That Florida is Becoming a Red State is 'B.S.'

Murphy Says Idea That Florida is Becoming a Red State is 'B.S.'

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
December 6, 2021

With Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pouring some “Red Salt” into the gaping political wound that Florida Democrats have suffered as a result of their Socialism-minded agenda, and as Florida is now seen as a “Red State,” some Democrats like Rep. Stephanie Murphy aren’t buying the notion that their political party has lost the state to Republicans.

According to POLITICO’s Gary Fineout, Rep. Murphy this weekend stated,” I call B.S.” on the idea that Florida is becoming one of those dreaded red states like Alabama.

The articulate and popular “Blue Dog Democrat” Rep. Murphy is fighting for her political existence and is not one to mince her words or gestures.

Earlier this year, Murphy appears to “Flip the Bird” at a Republican staffer for asking her if Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be arrested for violating the existing mask mandate in the House of Representatives.

The latest set of redistricting maps coming out of the Florida House of Representatives have all but carved Murphy’s district out of existence, but those maps are not expected to hold up.

There’s no way they hold up.

The previously introduced Florida Senate map was more palatable for both political parties even though Murphy’s seat was spared from a visit from the political butcher, future maps are expected to tighten up and Murphy’s CD 7 seat is expected to be drawn into a slightly Republican-leaning congressional district.

But even if her district says relatively the same or “even,” Murphy could face a very hard Republican challenge in the general election.

Murphy is all in with the Biden domestic and foreign policy agendas—she can’t get away from it.

Her full support for President Joe Biden could seal her fate come Election Night 2022.

But before Murphy faces the Republican congressional nominee, Republicans need to decide who they will send to the general election.

Murphy has never faced a veteran in a general election. She is facing 4 potential Republican challenges with military experience—National Guard Captain and Rep. Anthony Sabatini, former SEAL Brady Duke, former Marine Jeremy Liggett, and former Army Medic Cory Mills.

Rep. Sabatini is the only veteran who does not have combat experience but is the only one of the four that is still currently serving.

The Republican primary is crowded, with Erika Benfield, Mark Busch, and Joe Cavagna, rounding off the field

But outside of Mills, and on occasion Rep. Sabatini, none of the Republican candidates appear to be targeting Murphy on social media.

This is odd.

Duke’s social media mirrors one of his former SEAL Team’s past covert operations—Stealthy and under the radar with virtually no mention of anything.

Sabatini is championing the Twitter one-liners in hopes to garner national attention and donations, and on occasion challenges Murphy.

Benfield is touching on just about all the news-of-day issues, while Mills, who has also been hitting on all the issues, is particularly focused on Murphy and her voting record.

So, why are Republicans appearing to hedge on going after Murphy?

Could it be because there could be other congressional options for these candidates in the area?


There are possibly 4 options for Republicans in Central Florida:

  • The NRCC just put in play Rep. Darren Soto’s district.
  • Florida’s 7th Congressional District (Murphy’s seat)
  • The new district that Florida gained and is expected to be dropped along the I-4 corridor
  • Florida CD 11 currently held by Rep. Daniel Webster (R). Rep. Webster is said to be under the weather and could be contemplating retiring. Webster is already facing a Republican primary challenge from several Republicans, including Laura Loomer.

Again, there are options for Republicans in Florida.

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