Combat Veteran to Launch Investigation into Biden's Arming of Terrorist Groups

Will a Republican-led Congress aggressively target Democrats?

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
November 26, 2021

After President Joe Biden’s botched military retreat in Afghanistan that lead to deaths of 13 U.S. Servicemen and women, and unreported American citizens being killed during a suicide terrorist attack at the Kabul international airport, it was only a matter of time before China, Russia, and Pakistan, would gain access to billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment the administration abandoned in Afghanistan

According to a video shared on Twitter by former combat veteran Cory Mills, US Military MaxxPro MRAP vehicles are shown being transported out of Afghanistan to the Pakistani army.

These MRAP vehicles have the latest armor technology and could very well be used in future terrorist attacks against American interests because of the protection it offers occupants, even potential terrorists.

The tweet stated that now U.S. adversaries like China would be “free to copy” American military technology, and reiterated the confirmed delivery of military vehicles to the Pakistani Air Force from the Taliban.


Mills, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and is currently running for the U.S. Congress in Florida’s 7th District, stated that when elected, he would “launch an investigation on day one in Congress on why the Biden Admin knowingly armed terrorist organizations (Taliban, Haqqani, and ISIS-K).”

Mills, who rescued an abandoned  American family in Afghanistan when the military pullout was first initiated, added that “If any American company did this it would be an ITAR violation and they would be imprisoned. We all should live by the same laws.”

Just two weeks ago, The Guardian newspaper first reported that it has learned that the Taliban had kept much of the equipment the U.S. left behind, but that it had also partnered up with Pakistani and negotiated a ‘cash for equipment business deal with Pakistan.

The Guardian printed the U.S. military inventory sent to Afghanistan between 2003-2016, much of which was left behind during the recent evacuation, and is now being used by the Taliban’s Badri 313 Battalion.

The Badri 313 Battalion is a “special commando-style unit” of the terrorist group.

The commando unit is said to be “exclusively using” the weapons left behind, including “16,000 night vision devices, 120 radio monitoring systems, 22 ground based surveillance systems, 8 unmanned air systems that were sold by one of Boeing’s subsidiaries, Insitu and 6 surveillance balloons.”

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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