Rubio: Biden to 'Cut a deal' with Maduro Regime

Rubio: Biden to 'Cut a deal' with Maduro Regime

Communist presence grows in South America

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
September 20, 2021

Since the Biden Administration has taken charge of the federal government, many industries have had to change the way they do business around new policies, particularly the Energy industry. US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has called the sale of Citgo shares "The first step in the Biden plan to cut a deal with the Maduro regime."

The U.S. will consider authorizing the sale of Citgo Petroleum Corp. shares early next year, after the mandate of the Venezuela opposition government ends, according to a court document

The U.S. Treasury said it may reassess the sale of shares of Citgo’s parent company, PDV Holding Inc., after the term for the opposition-led National Assembly “ends in January 2022,” according to a Sept. 10 letter to creditor Crystallex that was included in a federal court case in Delaware.

Representatives from the U.S. Treasury have declined to comment on the developing story, however, Sen. Rubio has been all but quiet on the matter.

In a Tweet yesterday, Rubio used the latest announcement as an opportunity to critique President Biden's (D) foreign policy.  The Senator wrote, "The first step in the Biden plan to cut a deal with the Maduro regime in #Venezuela is happening."  Adding that "The first of many major giveaways to a Pro-Iran, Pro-Russia, Pro-China, Anti-American narco-terrorist regime is taking shape.":

President Maduro's government and representatives of the resistance party are allegedly in talks to end the drawn out political standoff between the two.  This will include discussions on how to manage international assets such as Citgo.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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