Gaetz Calls out House Republicans Immigration 'Shills' and 'Sellouts

Gaetz Calls out House Republicans Immigration 'Shills' and 'Sellouts"

Congressional Republicans siding with Progressive Democrats on Immigration

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
July 12, 2021

Never one to mince his words, Conservative Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) called out his fellow Republican members of Congress  over the illegal immigration issue or “border crisis,” saying that while House Republican lawmakers “talk tough on immigration,” they vote in support of “amnesty policies” because they are beholden to “Big Business.”

“And they believe that the combination of importing a new group of people and eroding voter ID laws and election security laws, will allow them to maintain that power.

The sad thing is, they have a lot of help from Republicans on the Right who are total shills and sellouts to big business. Republicans are known to talk tough on immigration, but then vote for amnesty policies because big business wants illegal labor because it drives down wages, it is as simple as that, and we need to identify that behavior when we see it and call it out, and get a better batch of Republicans.”

Rep. Gaetz said that while he sympathized with the plight of those “desperate people” that are trying to leave repressive governments, Americans cannot afford to pay for all of these immigrants trying to enter the U.S.

“There are desperate people all over the world, I wish there weren’t. I really wish there weren’t, but the reality is, the U.S. taxpayer cannot pay for every desperate person in the world to have a rising circumstance. It is a math problem. It is functionally impossible to do,” said Rep. Gaetz in addressing the crisis on the border.

“It’s my belief that on the Left, they don’t give a damn about the humanitarian crisis. They just want to seize power.”- Rep. Matt Gaetz

Rep. Gaetz made his remarks this past weekend at CPAC Texas, where the self-styled firebrand joined Texas Republican gubernatorial candidates Allen West to speak to a group of American First attendees.


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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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