Murphy Increases Hurricane Awareness, Biden Double aid for FL

Murphy Increases Hurricane Awareness, Biden Double aid for FL

Murphy fights to further hurricane protections

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
June 8, 2021

With everything going on in Florida politics, it is important to remember that Hurricane Season— Florida's biggest political issue— is right around the corner and  President Biden (D) has just doubled federal hurricane aid for Florida.

Starting May 15th the NHC started tropical weather outlooks ahead of their usual June 1st kickoff date.  And with a record-breaking 30 name storms in the Atlantic last year, we could be looking at a long and fatal hurricane season.

The White House announced that aid will be doubled in FEMA funding to $1 billion in hurricane aid.

"There are resources for sandbags and, you know, the equipment that communities need to prepare for a storm," said Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) "or whether that's FEMA funding that goes to reimburse cities and local governments for cleanup of debris and getting assistance to people who might be without electricity."

In response to the changing climate around hurricanes, Congresswoman Murphy is pushing the NOAA to push the official hurricane season up to mid-May as it started in 2020.

Murphy took to Twitter where she further encouraged the funding for Florida calling it "critical for states like FL," and pushing that hurricane season is extended  "to increase public awareness and promote safety."

Rep. Murphy has reportedly sent a letter to the NOAA to examine the official start date, as storms consistently showing more pre-mature signs against the June 1st date.

There is already one potential storm brewing in the Caribbean that meteorologists and scientists are following.

In the case of a highly active hurricane season, the following names will be assigned:

  1. Adria
  2. Braylen
  3. Caridad
  4. Deshawn
  5. Emery
  6. Foster
  7. Gemma
  8. Heath
  9. Isla
  10. Jacobus
  11. Kenzie
  12. Lucio
  13. Makayla
  14. Nolan
  15. Orlanda
  16. Pax
  17. Ronin
  18. Sophie
  19. Tayshaun
  20. Viviana
  21. Will

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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