Clowdus, Candidate in Dictrict 6 for FL House

Clowdus, Candidate in Dictrict 6 for FL House

Outsider America First Candidate in District 6

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
May 11, 2021

With election season just around the corner, many candidacies such as Rep. Crist's (D-FL) gubernatorial bid have surprised many.  However, there is a new outsider, CEO Brian Clowdus, that is running for the District 6 seat.

Although Clowdus is an Alabama native, he considers Florida to be his second home.

With little to no background in politics, Clowdus was inspired to run for office after volunteering for the Trump campaign.  After knocking on thousands of doors, and assisting in several Trump rallies, he has left everything behind to pursue public service.

The Floridian reached out to Clowdus after he announced his run, and has since gained notoriety throughout the state.

When asked why District 6 should pick an outsider, geographically and politically, Clowdus responded, "District 6 is ready for a change.  I've been hearing this for the past year.  Even though I've only been a resident for a year, I grew up coming to the panhandle, it is my favorite place on this Earth.  I've traveled all over the world doing entertainment, but no matter where I went I always said nothing compares to Panama City."

Panama City has always been a "Second home," to Clowdus, however, he expressed dissatisfaction with the current leadership in District 6, accusing them of being, "wound into the business dealings of the district.  A handful of really influential business owners that don't reflect the entire district," Clowdus elaborated, "There are two ingredients for a good representative, someone who has the ability to listen to constituents, and unapologetically fight!  There's something to be said about somebody who comes in with fresh eyes, fresh ears, and has no personal agenda."

One of Clowdus' biggest promises he made was making his seat transparent to his constituents.  Clowdus told the Floridian, "The residents of your district, they should have direct access to their representative.  My goal is to be visible, be available, and listen to the residents of District 6, and get what they want in Tallahassee," adding, "This isn't neuroscience, pick up the Constitution.  It is not about book deals, it is about listening."

Clowdus is confident in his primary chances and sees himself as the best GOP candidate because, "I am District 6 first, I am Florida first, then I am America first. I'm the pro-Trump America first candidate.  Trump is the reason I fell in love with politics."

Unfortunately, like most politicians, Clowdus has faced accusations of racism by actors in theatre productions he has ties to.  However, Clowdus responded to these accusations, "The allegations are absolutely false, " said Clowdus, "If you are a Republican in a far-left industry and haven't been called racist, you're doing something wrong.  Unfortunately, that's the easiest way for people to come after you.  I refuse to apologize for something that is not true."

Clowdus also hopes to prioritize solving polarization, "Whether you're Republican, Independent, Democrat, my job is to listen to you and I want to talk to you.  We have to build bridges.  Biden always says, 'I'm gonna be the president of unity,' he has divided this country."

The Floridian asked Clowdus if he had any endorsements.  While Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-32) has been excited about Clowdus, he cannot divulge the information just yet.  However, Clowdus teased that somebody with close ties to the Trump movement is set to help his campaign in the coming months.

Clowdus finished our interview by sending a message to the people of District 6, "I just want them to know I have a huge heart, and with that heart, I am going to listen to them, and fight like nobody's business."

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

Jim is a graduate of Florida State University where he studied Political Science, Religion and Criminology. He has been a reporter for the Floridian since January of 2021 and will start law school in 2024.

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