Local Palm Beach Candidate  Opposes Move To Oust Trump From Mar-a-Lago

Local Palm Beach Candidate Opposes Move To Oust Trump From Mar-a-Lago

Will Trump ever catch a break?

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
February 23, 2021

Palm Beach, one of Florida’s most expensive real estate markets has welcomed a new neighbor, former President Trump (R).  The former president made  Mar-a-Lago estate his official residence, he registered to vote in Palm Beach, and voted there during the 2020 presidential election.

Conventionally, an ex-president’s living post-presidency is not that big of a deal, but it was important to bring it up at the most recent candidate forum for the vacant town council seat in the Town of Palm Beach.

Jim Sackett hosted the event over zoom, asking questions to the two candidates, Ted Cooney (D) and Candace A. Rojas (R).

Sackett pivots the conversation  to Trump and asks Rojas, “Would having former president, Trump as a full-time Palm Beach resident, change the town dynamics?”

The question was posed because of the opposition many Democrats have expressed against Trump after he announced that Palm Beach would be his official residency,

Rojas cordially responded and espoused her plan for Palm Beach property rights and pushed back against the Town of Palm Beach’s past meetings where it entertained the attempted removal of President Trump from the island.

“One of my goals is to protect private property rights from government overreach.  I believe Mar-a-Lago is a prime example that should alarm all residents regardless of political affiliation.  I believe using the power and influence of the town council for political grudges against residents is wrong.  I will not use taxpayer resident’s money for this reason.  And in 2018, the council paid a town lawyer over a million dollars for these issues, in 2021 there are still meetings in attempt to remove President Trump from his home.  All the while, a majority of the residents voted for Trump in 2020.  Quite honestly I find that outrageous.”

Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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