Deutch Calls for Accountability After Capitol Storming

Deutch Calls for Accountability After Capitol Storming

Democrats, Media pile on Republicans after Capitol riot

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
January 11, 2021

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) has condemned those who stormed the Capitol, making a distinction between them and the “99 percent of the people that were at the protest” that did not take part in the siege. Though he has made it clear that the conservative movement made a mistake in having this “element” that created “a tremendous amount of damage and put a lot of people in danger,” he took to Twitter to share that Biden missed an opportunity to unify the nation in light of what took place last week.

“Biden has a historic opportunity to unify America behind the sentiment that our political divisions have gone too far,” the Sunshine State Senator argued. However, Rubio feels that Biden “decided to promote the left’s efforts to use this terrible national tragedy to try and crush conservatives or anyone not anti-Trump enough.”

To this, Rubio warns that it could have grave consequences.

Still, Democratic lawmakers are shrugging the warnings, arguing that Republican lawmakers have been complicit in the storming of the Capitol, and Florida Democrats like Ted Deutch (D) are calling for said lawmakers to face consequences for their actions.

“Do we need accountability for the attack on the Capitol?” questioned Deutch.

“They killed Officer Sicknick; threatened to hang VP Pence; traumatized everyone who goes to work to represent the American people,” he added, noting that “they’re trying to overturn the election.”

In turn, Deutch concluded that “we can’t heal w/o accountability.”

Democrats are moving forward with filing articles of impeachment against the President, calling for his removal from office in response to the storming of the Capitol. Though some Republicans are maintaining their support, others have distanced themselves from the President, and some are also supporting the move to oust him from the White House for what took place last week.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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