Wasserman Schultz calls Trump an

Wasserman Schultz calls Trump an "incompetent megalomaniac" over COVID death toll remark

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
August 5, 2020

President Trump’s recent interview with Axios has drawn heavy criticism over the President’s responses and demeanor, which was called incompetent by mainstream media outlets and their pundits.

Much of the interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, and much of the criticism has been in reference to a response the President gave when asked about the rising COVID death toll.

Trump’s response? “It is what it is.”

The President added, “but that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing everything we can. It’s under control as much as you can control it.”

In response to the President’s interview, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D) took to Twitter to share her disapproval of the President’s words, citing how disappointed she was.

Sharing a CNN article on the President’s talk with Swan, the Florida lawmaker admitted that “only a defeated, incompetent megalomaniac incapable of compassion reacts to 1,000 funerals a day with ‘it is what it is.’”

The interview comes at a time when COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket in the sunshine state and in the United States as a whole. As well, the country is embroiled in a debate as to whether or not children should attend school in person once again.

Wasserman Schultz has been an outspoken critic of the President since his election in 2016, and she most recently slammed the President over his support of children going back to school in person.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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