President Trump censored for ‘threat of harm’ to violent anarchists
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President Trump censored for ‘threat of harm’ to violent anarchists


Twitter has censored President Donald Trump’s tweet that the rioters and anarchists in Washington, D.C. would be “met with serious force” if they tried to form an “Autonomous Zone” in the city.

According to the social media platform, the “public interest notice” they placed on the tweet violated their policy “against abusive behavior,” adding that Trump presented a “threat of harm against an identifiable group.

Trump is referring to the section of Seattle that has been overrun by anarchists but is now being dismantled as a result of the increased crime rate in the “zone” which resulted in two people being shot, one dying of his injuries.

Interestingly enough, tweets and handles of anarchists promoting violence and more rioting have been left alone.

Here anarchists are trying to build their very own ‘get stoned’ zone in Washington.


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