Rubio Warns of Islamist Takeover When US Troops Leave Afghanistan
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Rubio Warns of Islamist Takeover When US Troops Leave Afghanistan


Over the weekend, it was reported that the United States and the Taliban had signed a peace deal that would send every American troop home over the next 14 months. It would be the beginning of ending an 18-year war in Afghanistan.

In response, though many have been applauding the news, some lawmakers are arguing that the United States and the globe should be wary. Specifically, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) went on Twitter to share his thoughts on the issue, noting that the United States should be on the look-out.

On Twitter, Senator Rubio argued that “Taliban battlefield advantage over divided Afghan govt means outcome will eventually be no elections & extreme Sharia law.”

He added that “this terrible outcome had become inevitable… because we can’t continue with an indefinite U.S. troop presence which is what it would take to prevent this.”

The deal took more than a year of conversation between the United States and Afghanistan, and the war looked to establish a more democratic system in Afghanistan while also arguing more improving the opportunities for minorities and women who are oppressed by the Taliban. This includes the Taliban banning girls from school and women from being involved in public life.

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