Nancy Pelosi rips up Trump’s SOTU address
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Nancy Pelosi rips up Trump’s SOTU address


President Donald Trump’s State of the Union addresses surprised everyone when he acknowledged and awarded Rush Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in addition to surprising a woman and her children with the return of her husband and their father’s from deployment to Afghanistan.

President Trump’s speech was pro-America and pro-Trump as he outlined all of the accomplishments he has made since taking the oath of office.

Unfortunately, seconds after he finished his speech, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) showed just how deep her disdain and contempt for the president and the American people is when she immediately ripped up the written SOTU she was furnished.

The optics of her ripping up the document was utterly despicable and un-American, not to mention a lack of respect for the chamber of which she presides over.


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