Matt Gaetz responds to bar complaint filed against him
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Matt Gaetz responds to bar complaint filed against him


Days after Senate Republicans acquitted President Donald Trump on two articles of impeachment, and the debacle at the Iowa Caucus, and an appeals court’s ruling in favor of Trump over more than 200 Democratic congressional lawmakers do not have a case in suing the President over allegations that he had violated the Emoluments Clause concerning foreign payments to his businesses, Florida Democrats have filed a bar complaint against Rep. Matt Gaetz (R).

The group lead by Chairman Steve Simeonidis contends that Gaetz broke into a “secure, compartmented information facility” before ordering pizza to the room.

According to the Simeonidis, who in their press release affixed a picture of Gaetz’s DUI arrest mug shot, Gaetz is a “self-intitled” and “ultimate defender” of the president, “who abused his position in congress to stymie an official investigation to which his position did not entitle him access.

“Impeachment proceedings are a legal process leading to a trial, and therefore covered by the Florida bar’s rules of conduct,” Simeonidis says. “But Republican Attorney General Bill Barr isn’t going to hold a member of his own party responsible. So we must appeal to our state’s institutions to restrain this rogue lawyer who obstructed the impeachment process twice, and generally treats the powers of his elected office like a personal plaything.”

“Both intrusions are improper, unprofessional and unethical and were meant only to feed Gaetz’s unjustifiably large ego and penchant for grandstanding,” reads the bar complaint. “These instances were in direct violation of operative rules contained in the 116th Congress Regulations for Use of Deposition Authority.”

Gaetz responded to the apparent Hail Mary pass Democrats appear to have thrown in order to mitigate some of the damage to them has been done as a result of the impeachment of the president.

Rep. Gaetz responded to The Floridian’s request for comment, simply saying, I’m glad they’re finding ways to stay busy.”


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