Scott, Rubio Honors Parkland Victims With School Safety Legislation

Scott, Rubio Honors Parkland Victims With School Safety Legislation

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
November 6, 2019

The sunshine state is still feeling the effects of the Parkland shooting.

In response, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R) joined Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott in introducing the Luke and Alex School Safety Act, which honors Luke Hoyer, Alex Schachter and the 15 victims of the shooting that took place last year.

Specifically, this legislation creates a Federal Clearinghouse on School Safety Best Practices that will help schools and their faculty, parents and other community officials identify the best school safety measures and resources that should be implemented.

Speaking on the legislation, Senator Scott commented that “following the tragedy, I worked with the families of the victims, including Max Schachter and Tom and Gena Hoyer, to pass the Marjury Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act to make our schools safer and prevent future tragedies.” In sponsoring the new legislation, the freshman Senator assured that it “continues our efforts to keep our schools safe so no family ever has to experience a tragedy like this again.”

Moreover, Senator Rubio added that he “was proud to work closely with the parents and families to help ensure school districts have a reliable central authority or clearinghouse where they can find evidence-based and successful models for school safety measures.”

As well, he reminded that he “led a bipartisan and bicameral effort to urge the federal commission on school safety to include such a clearinghouse in their recommendations, which they ultimately did.”

The Senator stressed that “there is an immense need to make a central point of information available to states and local education agencies on ways to improve school safety, and creating a Federal Clearninghouse on School Safety Best Practices would fulfill that need.”

So, Rubio made the call that “Congress should act swiftly to pass this bill, as well as my bipartisan Red Flag proposal and threat assessment legislation, both of which would help to prevent future senseless acts of violence.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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