Rubio slams Trump’s Syria decision, says Israel now at risk
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Rubio slams Trump’s Syria decision, says Israel now at risk


As pressure mounts on President Trump over his decision to pull troops out of Syria, Republican lawmakers continue to slam the president over his decision.

Last week, Rep. Francis Rooney (R) called President Trump “short sighted,” arguing that it will erode “our credibility amongst our regional partners and fortifies Russia’s position in the conflict.”

This week, Senator Marco Rubio (R) took to Twitter to comment on the president’s move forward, adding that “ISIS killers will now escape & boost chances of a resurgence.”

Moreover, Senator Rubio warned that, with the president’s decision to take soldiers off the grounds, it makes it possible for Syria to be “controlled by Russia & Iran.”

As well, he called the move “a significant blow to Israel’s security” and a “boost to Iran’s goal of regional dominance.”

In a string of tweets, Senator Rubio continued to voice his disapproval, but the President has made it loud and clear that his decision is the right move.

As a result, this has angered many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who have come forth with their disagreements.

Last week, Senator Rubio commented that Kurdish fighters are the “primary ground fighters against ISIS in Syria.”

In the newly released tweets, Rubio notes that he understands the idea that “Syria isn’t somewhere we want to be anyway,” but he asserts that “our national security interests in Syria are much broader than just Turks & Kurds & on each one we are significantly worse off now.”

Ultimately, all eyes are on Syria as the political landscape watches for the effects of abandoning the Kurds, who have been strong American allies. However, the President remains firm in his decision.

As growing fear mounts over what Trump’s decision could lead to, many argue that a collapse is imminent.

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