Rick Scott Donates Salary to Literacy Effort

Rick Scott Donates Salary to Literacy Effort

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
August 20, 2019

Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has announced that he will be donating his second quarter Senate salary to the Literacy Council Gulf Coast, which is an organization committed to helping children and adults improve their language and literacy skills through the Southwest Florida community.

In a statement, Senator Scott expressed that “growing up, my mom taught me that a good education was the foundation for success, and she was right.”

Scott added that “it’s what gave my wife, Ann, and I a shot at the American Dream.”

He noted that “we want everyone to have that same opportunity to live their dreams, which is why, as Governor, I invested record funding for our K-12 schools and Ann spent her days as Florida’s First Lady promoting literacy and traveling across the state to read with students.”

Finally, Scott explained that the reason behind donating his salary to the Literacy Council Gulf Coast is because the Council “shares our passion for education and encourages Floridians throughout Southwest Florida to realize their full potential.”

Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and Florida leadership have set education reform as a priority, and President Trump has also looked to set an example by donating his own salary to different causes.

First Lady Ann Scott also echoed in Senator Scott’s remarks, detailing that her “favorite thing about being Florida’s First Lady was having the opportunity to visit schools and libraries across the state to share my passion for reading with students.”

Furthermore, Ann asserted that “there is nothing more important than investing time in Florida’s children who will one day become our state and national leaders, and I’m proud to support this wonderful organization and its incredible work to promote literacy.”

In the Council’s mission statement, they stress that they want “to create a welcoming environment that encourages learning, while working with each individual to help them reach their objectives through our numerous programs.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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