Donna Shalala walks progressive tightrope in House
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Donna Shalala walks progressive tightrope in House


Falling short of calling her congressional opponent Rep. Donna Shalala (D) a Socialist, Republican congressional candidate Maria Elvira Salazar, like most Republicans, is pushing the anti-Socialisms narrative that appears to be resonating across the country.

Salazar, who is a daughter of Cuban exiles and knows about Communist oppression, recently pushed a short campaign video where talks about socialism and how it “only brings misery, oppression, and exile.”

Rep. Shalala isn’t considered to be part of the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-led Progressive faction within the House Democratic Caucus, but in looking at her short voting record, she aligns herself with Speaker Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time.

Shalala, who considers herself a moderate Democrat, checks off all the boxes for being a very liberal, but has not openly come out in support of some of the “radical” and “socialist” pieces of legislation that House Progressives have put forth, including the “Green New Deal.”

Even though she hasn’t dismissed Ocasio-Cortez’s legacy climate change legislation, Shalala is on record of saying that the “Green New Deal” is “full of good” ideas.

As Democrats campaign on “racism” and “gun violence,” Republicans will continue wrapping the “Socialism” narrative around the necks of every congressional House Democrat.

Expect Salazar to take Shalala to task over her belief that the “Green New Deal” contains many good ideas and measures.


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