Repeal of Pot Smoking Ban Inches Closer to Completion

Repeal of Pot Smoking Ban Inches Closer to Completion

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
March 7, 2019

After pressure from Governor Ron DeSantis for the Senate and House to reach a concensus regarding Florida’s pot smoking ban, it’s being reported that both the Senate and the House are nearing a repeal.

With a deadline set for March 15, the House and the Senate are nearing a completion of a measure that would do away with the pot smoking state ban, which was confirmed this week by Senator Jeff Brandes and Rep. Ray Rodriguez.

Patients would be allowed to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana for smoking every 35 days, smoking medical marijuana in public places would not be allowed and allowing terminally ill children to use medical marijuana would be allowed but only if they have a second opinion from a pediatrician.

However, the Senate and House are still finalizing “glitches” before the measure can move forward.

Rodriguez, a member of the House who’s long been involved in medical-marijuana issues, commented that “the House’s concern is that we believe the people voted for medical marijuana. We do not believe the people voted for recreational marijuana, and if there’s no limit, then the concern is there could be an excess amount of product that’s out there.” In turn, Rodrigues argues that it "would be diverted for recreational purposes.”

Brandes argues that the 2.5 ounces permitted for purchase will be enough to meet the standards of the vast majority of patients. He also adds that “there’s going to be some on both sides that are not happy. But we spent days working on this issue.” However, Brandes maintains that “all in all, this is a bill that I’m perfect happy to stand behind and have my name on. That was my goal.”

Although he hasn’t spoken to Governor DeSantis about the revised bill, DeSantis’ office has received “every major revision” that has been made to the medical marijuana proposals. And, Brandes assures that the “major issues” have been addressed.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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