U.S. House to vote on stricter gun control legislation
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U.S. House to vote on stricter gun control legislation


According to some of the parents of the shooting victims, Rep. Ted Deutch (D) took the tragic Marjorie Stoneman Douglas School shooting and all-but completely used it for political gain, One grieving father says that Deutch continues to exploit the event that occurred on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Every since the shooting to place, Deutch has been pushing for gun legislation that the gun lobby believes infringes upon the 2nd Amendment.

Deutch has been spearheading the gun control lobby’s movement to pass comprehensive gun control legislation that would ban “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines. Another one of Deutch’s moves is to pass universal background check bills, a move that the NRA and the gun lobby oppose because they feel that fixing the existing background check system is all that is needed.

Now Deutch and the newly-minted Democratic majority in the House will vote on H.R.8, a bill that according to Deutch, would “require background checks on all gun sales,” including private and gun show sales.

The Democratically controlled House of Representatives is expected to vote on and pass the measure.


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