Scott says Trump should use

Scott says Trump should use "emergency power" for border security

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
February 7, 2019

As constituents continue to discuss President Trump’s State of the Union Address, one contentious point that the President has discussed at great lengths and that he brought up in the well-received address is the wall.

Contributing to the longest government shutdown in the United States’ history, the government was fully reopened with the stipulation set that Democrats and Republicans must reach an agreement to ensure that funding is provided to build a wall in order to prevent illegal immigration and further problems that stem from that.

In turn, if lawmakers don’t reach a deal within the next couple of weeks, then the United States will endure another government shutdown until a proper deal can be reached to provide funding for the wall.

In an exclusive HISPOLITICA interview with Senator Rick Scott, the Senator commented on what needs to be done in order to ensure that the wall is built.

Senator Scott explained to HISPOLITICA that “if congress doesn’t act, the President needs to use all the emergency power he has to create border security. That means technology… whatever it takes to secure our border, he ought to be doing it.”

Democrats have slammed the president and Republican leadership over the wall, calling it medieval and unnecessary. In the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats took control of the House of Representatives while the Senate became stronger in terms of Republican control.

However, the President and Republican leadership note illegal immigration and subsequent crimes as a result of it as a growing concern that elicits a response. 

The “Crisis at the Border” is an issue that President Trump has focused on since being elected President, and lawmakers have voiced their support, citing that Democratic leadership has at one point voted in favor of building a wall.


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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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