Susan Bucher Resigns as Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor
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Susan Bucher Resigns as Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor


Susan Bucher, Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor, was suspended by Governor Ron DeSantis earlier in the month for reasons similar to Dr. Brenda Snipes’ suspension. It was largely expected that she would fight the suspension much like Broward Sheriff Scott Israel is currently attempting to do. On January 21st, Bucher stood before supporters, arguing that she was “willing to fight for democracy and justice.”


However, it’s now reported that Bucher will not be fighting the suspension, and in fact she has chosen to resign from office.


Bucher claims that she will not appeal her suspension before a Republican Senate because she believes the Senate will not provide a fair hearing for her.


In a statement issued Monday afternoon, Bucher noted that “this is my only option for due process. The law does not provide for guidelines or rules. Prior to my service as your supervisor, I was a very vocal member of the House minority party in Tallahassee. As such, I do not believe I can receive a fair hearing before a very partisan Senate.”


Bucher added, “The laws and our Constitution need to be changed. Florida elected officials should not be afraid to express their views and stand strong for their constituents without fear of being removed from office through fabricated allegations which would not stand up in a court of law. There should be minimum standards for removal of elected officials by a governor so that political agendas are not the only reason.”


Ultimately announcing that she was resigning from office, Bucher commented that “the political atmosphere in this state and in our country has changed so much that I no longer wish to be associated with these elected officials. At this time, I believe my time is better spent as a concerned and involved citizen of our community.”

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