Stephanie Murphy in as Future Forum Chair

Stephanie Murphy in as Future Forum Chair "to Give Millennials a Voice"

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
December 7, 2018

Democratic Representative Stephanie Murphy is hitting the ground running in 2019. After taking reign of the Blue Dog Coalition, Representative Murphy is now going to take over as the chairwoman of the Future forum, which is “an influential group of young Democratic members of Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives who advocate for issues and opportunities important to younger Americans.”

The Future forum is made up of a 50-member group, and it was launched in 2015 by Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell with the goal “to create and execute a federal policy agenda based on feedback received from young people at listening events across the country.” The group will also tackle “gun violence prevention, college affordability and equality of opportunity.”

Swalwell detailed that he "founded Future forum in 2015 to give millennials a voice in Congress. Decisions made in Washington today will affect young people for generations to come, and they deserve a seat at the table in Congress. With Congresswoman's Murphy's thoughtful, energetic leadership, Future Forum will continue its innovative work listening to and engaging with young people to create a better, brighter future for us all."

Speaking on replacing Swalwell position in the forum, Murphy commented that “As we saw in Florida after the Parkland shooting, young Americans are demanding their voices be heard now more than ever – and Congress should listen. I’m proud to lead this group of passionate young leaders in Congress who will amplify the voices of younger Americans and provide them with a platform to shape the future of our great country. With millennials making up the largest generation in the American workforce and post-millennials becoming more engaged in our democracy, Future forum will have an important role in this new Democratic majority to steer our country in the right direction.”

Swalwell will continue as chairman emeritus as he's been seen as a potential Democratic nominee in the upcoming 2020 Presidential elections.

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Daniel Molina

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