More Records Released Concerning Gillum's FBI Investigation

More Records Released Concerning Gillum's FBI Investigation

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 27, 2018

The controversy surrounding the FBI investigation into Tallahasse Mayor Andrew Gillum continues as papers released on Friday indicate that an undercover FBI agent posing as a developer may have paid expenses related to a fundraising dinner for Gillum.

In the documents, Adam Corey, a former friend of Mayor Gillum, sent an invoice of $4,386 to Mike Miller, the pseudonym for the undercover agent that was posing as a developer. The invoice was for a reception held on April 2016 for Mayor Gillum’s political committee, which had salmon mousse canapes, filet mignon and an open bar.

The information was provided by Corey’s lawyer, Christopher Kise.

The reception was held in Corey’s house on behalf of Gillum’s committee, and the campaign’s finance records don’t show any donations or contributions that cover the expenses of the event.

Writing to the agent, Corey said “Attached is the invoice for the dinner you graciously offered to sponsor. As I mentioned, it was a bit higher than I expected because of some last minute attendees so let me know what you would like to cover and I'll handle the rest. Again, I really appreciate this."

A spokesman for Gillum’s campaign, Geoff Burgan, blasted Kise as being “Rick Scott's former political hatchet men” with the intent to “leak more documents about trips and events that have been reported on before." In addition, Burgan did insist that “Mayor Gillum did not receive any contributions or in-kinds from Mike Miller.”

However, Burgan did not directly answer why finance records showed no expenses associated with the dinner.

This week, during the final gubernatorial debate with Congressman DeSantis, Gillum admitted to accepting tickets for “Hamilton” in New York City, but he maintained that the tickets came from his brother.

Gillum added, “I should have asked more questions to make sure that everything that transpired was above board” before adding that “In the state of Florida, we've got a lot of issues. In fact, we've got 99 issues and Hamilton ain't one of them."

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Daniel Molina

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