EAAF Sending Big Money Lauren Baer's Way in Race for Environment

EAAF Sending Big Money Lauren Baer's Way in Race for Environment

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 28, 2018

The upcoming elections in the sunshine state are some of the most important in the United States because President Trump carried the state in the 2016 Presidential elections. Since then, the state has focused on important political topics that include the environment and the growing toxic algae crisis that is overwhelming the state of Florida’s coasts. Now, in Florida’s 18th Congressional District race, the Environment America Action Fund, which usually supports Democrats in election cycles, is throwing their support and resources behind Lauren Baer’s campaign.

Pledging to spend more than $1 million in 10 congressional races, Lauren will be receiving all the support she can get from them. The group adds that they’re focused on races “where voters have a clear choice as to which candidate will best protect our environment.”

Jennifer Rubiello, the state director for the group in Florida, added that the sunshine state’s 18th congressional district race is important to the group because it understands that “protecting the environment is the challenge of our time.”

She also added that “We need to act now, as climate change brings increasingly dangerous hurricanes, sea surge and heat waves to Florida and the administration rolls back clean air and water laws that were passed with broad bipartisan support.”

The group also slammed the incumbent representative Brian Mast as being unfit to achieve those goals.

However, Republican Brian Mast has been largely involved in the growing toxic algae concern and has lent his voice to various resolutions looking to fix the problem.

Rubiello also noted that “Unless we vote in representatives who will provide a strong counterweight to the current administration’s agenda, anti-environmental interests will be emboldened to dismantle even more protections and set us back for decades.”

She slammed President Trump on his environmental record, saying that it’s a concern that should motivate people to turnout in the upcoming midterm elections, and she commented that “By a wide margin, the American people reject the Trump administration’s anti-environmental policies.”

Rubiello concluded, saying that “Never before have so many congressional races exposed a clear contrast for voters who care about the environment. We believe that voters will hold anti-environment incumbents accountable for their dismal voting records and help elect new environmental champions to the House.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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