Democrats Blast Gaetz Over

Democrats Blast Gaetz Over "Andrew Kill'em" Comment

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 8, 2018

This weekend, a campaign stop drew some controversy when Congressman Matt Gaetz referred to Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum as “Andrew Kill’em” because he’s overseen a high crime rate in Tallahassee.

In response to the comment, Democrats have blasted Gaetz and Republicans.

Gillum’s running mate, Chris King, explained that “Our election should and must be about real people facing real issues, and not hyperbolic propaganda used to fearmonger and gin up their base.”

In addition, Gaetz’s Democratic opponent in his reelection campaign for Florida’s 1st Congressional District, Jennifer Zimmerman, also added in a statement that “While women all over America were coping with the confirmation of Kavanaugh, you were campaigning with Ron DeSantis in South Florida. You engaged in undignified language not befitting a sitting congressman—shocking, considering you were just outed getting chummy with a confirmed Holocaust denier (again!). Why don’t you come back home and let this mama teach you how to be a Southern gentleman? And, why strut your feathers elsewhere when the people of FL-01 deserve your full attention?”

Finally, slamming the comment for being racist, King noted that he and Gillum “condemn the divisive and dangerous rhetoric used at the Ron DeSantis rally by his chief congressional ally. We call on Mr. DeSantis to immediately condemn these statements riddled with bigotry and inaccuracies. Furthermore, he must demand his campaign and supporters to tone it down for everyone’s safety.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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