Grayson Looks to Make Political Comeback by Unseating Soto

Grayson Looks to Make Political Comeback by Unseating Soto

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
August 26, 2018

Two years after giving up the seat and failing to make it to the U.S. Senate, Alan Grayson is looking to make a political comeback by unseating Darren Soto.

He’s been a proponent on impeaching President Donald Trump, and he’s also stressed securing jobs and housing for Puerto Ricans that have been displaced as a result of Hurricane Maria.

Grayson summed up the race by noting the important issues that Democrats care about, saying that "To Democratic voters, that is the issue. Our polling shows that impeachment is the No. 1 issue among Democratic voters: higher than health care; higher than the economy and jobs; higher than guns.”

The race has been one of the most closely watched, and Grayson has been an outspoken critic of Governor Rick Scott as well.

University of Florida political-science professor Aubrey Jewett commented that "Grayson’s emphasis on impeachment suggests he is still the fire-breathing progressive and is seeking to rally and excite those voters and aggressively and personally attack opponents — in this case Trump. Soto’s emphasis on issues suggests that he is focusing on progressive policy areas that may be more achievable rather than something that is pretty unlikely to happen since it would take a super-majority vote in the Senate, and Republicans currently have a majority, and even if they lose the chamber will still be pretty close to 50 — barring some unforeseen bombshell revelations that may. of course, still happen.”

The Florida primaries will be held on August 28th.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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