Jeff Greene Participates in First Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

Jeff Greene Participates in First Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
July 18, 2018

Jeff Greene joined former congresswoman Gwen Graham, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine and businessman Chris King in a debate that discussed a wide variety of topics such as education funding, pollution in Lake Okeechobee and quality of life issues.

It's also the first debate that Jeff Greene is a part of, and it comes at a time when a new poll has him as the front runner.

In the debate, Greene assured that "We've had great ideas for 20 years. We've had great candidates for 20 years. The problem is, we haven't had anyone who can get the message out and to fight these Republicans dollar-for-dollar, toe-for-toe-for-toe. I am committed to do that."

Greene added that "I will spend my own money to get out there and fight these Republicans, and I will back up the downticket races so we turn Florida blue — not just in the governor's race, but in the Senate race and in the House race."

He looked to set himself apart from the others by highlighting that he's been fighting with President Trump since before his days in the White House. He noted that "I have been fighting with Donald Trump since as long as I've known him."

While this isn't the first bid that Greene has made for office, running an unsuccessful bid for the Senate in 2010, he is currently on a trajectory that has catapulted him from last place all the way to first in the polls.

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Daniel Molina

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