Julio Gonzalez Overtakes Greg Steube in District 17 Fundraising
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Julio Gonzalez Overtakes Greg Steube in District 17 Fundraising


The upcoming midterm elections will be closely watched because the nation’s approval or disapproval with President Trump will be put to test.

Tom Rooney, Representative of Florida’s 17th district, will not be seeking re-election. So, Julio Gonzalez and Greg Steube are both in the GOP primary battle, and Gonzalez is currently leading Steube in Fundraising. Gonzalez was also endorsed by Florida Senator Marco Rubio who detailed that Julio “brings excellent credentials as a doctor, attorney, Navy Veteran, and community leader. He’s been a strong voice for conservatism in the Florida House of Representatives and is the type of leader we need in Congress. Principled, honest, and committed, Dr. Gonzalez will be a powerful voice in Washington who will get things done.”

Of his own money, Julio Gonzalez injected $150,000 into his campaign in the first quarter of 2018, and he’s been able to raise an additional $83, 705. On the other hand, Greg Steube, an attorney from Sarasota, contributed $15,000 to his own campaign and has since raised another $48, 550.

Most of the money that Gonzalez has raised has come from medical professionals who have contributed the highest they can contribute at $2,700. Meanwhile, Steube’s biggest donors include the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, the Mosaic Company’s political action committee and the United States Sugar corporation.

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