Bilirakis: llhan Omar “should apologize to our heroes” over PTSD remark
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Bilirakis: llhan Omar “should apologize to our heroes” over PTSD remark


Florida Congressman Gus Bilirakis (R), who sits on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, openly denounced Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) for complaining that she was “stricken with PTSD” as a result of the recent military engagements and events, including the targeted killing of Iran’s top terrorist leader, Qassim Soleimani.

Rep. Bilirakis told The Floridian that the freshman congresswoman needed to apologize to all veterans, who presumably currently live, or lived with PTSD.

“That’s terrible,” said Bilirakis “It’s extremely offensive to me, but actually to our heroes. She should apologize to our heroes.”

Indiana Rep. Jim Banks (R), who is an Afghanistan veteran, slammed Omar by saying that her comments are a “disgrace” to military veterans and what they’ve had to endure while serving time.

Bilirakis also added that the recent Iran War Powers resolution to limit the president’s use of military force against Iran was nothing more than Democrats “wanting to appease their socialist wing of their base, of their party and they want to embarrass the president.”

“It’s terrible the message they are sending to the world, that we are not united, whereas we really are,” added Bilirakis “I think the country is united around the president on this particular move. And we need to be. It’s the wrong message to send the world.”


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