Greene Attacks Levine in new Advertisement

Greene Attacks Levine in new Advertisement


In a new 30-second advertisement titled Levine Latrine, billionaire Jeff Greene attacks former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine and his record or lack of keeping the bay clean.

Greene begins by likening the Mayor to a latrine, and then goes on to highlight several news reports that criticized the Mayor’s work of not doing enough to keep Biscayne Bay clean. There’s even a headline pointing out that Levine did work to keep the bay clean but only area where he had properties.

The Levine campaign argues that the images showing polluted water is not actually from the bay.

Claire VanSusteren, Greene’s spokeswoman, told the Miami Herald that the images were meant as a visual aide for the larger argument the advertisement is making. She explained that “We never claimed the images were from Biscayne Bay. But the newspaper headlines speak for themselves.”

She also added that “Philip Levine has tried to bully scientists and the press over his pump debacle. Jeff Greene won’t be bullied.”

In response to the advertisement, Christian Ulvert, a senior Levine advisor, argued that “To put images of situations that have happened in foreign countries is not only outrageous but it is the height of hypocrisy. What you are seeing is not what happened.”

Daniel Molina

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