Mayor Gillum Wins Democratic Primary for Governor
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Mayor Gillum Wins Democratic Primary for Governor


Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum won the Democratic primaries last night, and he advances to face Ron DeSantis in November’s general election for Florida Governor. Polls had him coming in third after former Congresswoman Gwen Graham and former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine.

In addition, Mayor Gillum also made history by becoming the first African-American candidate to win the nomination for the office.

After winning, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who campaigned with Gillum, commented on the history win, saying that “What has made Andrew’s campaign so powerful is that he’s not just working hard to win an election, he has laid out a vision for a new course for the state of Florida and our country.” Sanders also added that “No one person can take on the economic and political elites on their own.”

Gillum, after the results were final, told a crowd in Tallahassee that the race is not about him. He added that “It never has been, and it never will be. This race is about every last single one of us. Those of us inside this room. Those outside of this room. Those who voted for me. Those who didn’t vote at all. And those who didn’t vote for me because they are Republicans. But I want to be their governor, too.”

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