Republican Raising Money for Margaret Good

Republican Raising Money for Margaret Good


When bipartisanship is spoken of in the politican arena, it’s usually in reference to lawmakers compromising and working on passing legislation that’s common sense and that benefits society. It usually doesn’t extend to a member of the Republican party raising money for a Democrat, but that’s exactly what’s going on in the the race for Florida’s Senate District 72.

Nora Patterson, a former County Commissioner from Sarasota, will be raising money for Representative Margaret Good in a July 11 fundraiser being held at the home of Heather and Derek Byrd. This is in addition to Good dominating when it comes to fundraising.

Patterson, a moderate Republican, served on the City Commission of Sarasota, and she also spent 16 years on Sarasota’s County Commission. While this does show that Good has bipartisan outreach when it comes to keeping her seat, Republicans Jason Miller and Ray Pilon are running bids to replace the Democrat.

In term-limited Florida Governor Rick Scott’s effort to unseat Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Marco Rubio said that he would ultimately be supporting Scott’s effort to have a fellow Republican to work alongside him. However, Senator Rubio said that he would not go on the campaign trail to talk bad about Senator Nelson because the two have a good working relationship.

Daniel Molina

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