Rick Scott Hits Bill Nelson on Taxes

Rick Scott Hits Bill Nelson on Taxes


Governor Rick Scott’s campaign trail led him to Pensacola, Florida where he attacked his opponent, Senator Bill Nelson, for having voted against the Republicans’ tax bill.

In a roundtable discussion environment with business leaders, he discussed the 427 low opportunity zones that he designated in Florida under the bill. What this means is that said low tax opportunity zones makes way for investors to invest money in those areas without having to pay taxes on any profit generated from the investment.

Governor Scott detailed that “What we’ve seen is the tax reductions have helped grow our economy. These opportunity zones, I think, are going to be very positive for our economy, and I’m really surprised that Senate Democrats didn’t support it. And Sen. Nelson didn’t. He voted against this.”

He went on to explain that “There’s incentive for companies to invest in these areas. I think it’s going to help grow jobs. Every time that you put a company in a position that they can now compete (with) a company outside this country, we get more jobs in this state and in this country.”

And, before the roundtable meeting was held, Governor Scott’s office issued a press release hitting the Democratic Senator for voting no on the bill.

The released expressed that “As these communities prepare to welcome new investments, they can remember that Bill Nelson not only voted against the legislation that established these zones, but he vehemently opposed it — despite its benefits to Florida families and job creators. This is yet another example of a career politician who is so desperate to be reelected he’d rather listen to his liberal party bosses in D.C. over doing what’s best for his constituents.”

Daniel Molina

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